Team members at Crossfire Relief received an urgent call to pick up a local Karen women about 75 years of age, who was having trouble breathing. She had heart disease, and her pulse was jumping from 45 – 160+ and back down again; breathing was hard and loud, gasping for air. We transferred her into the ambulance and immediately put her on high-flow oxygen. We transferred to a city ambulance about 35km away in Bankao, and returned to work. Later, one of the officials that works on the city ambulance called Anthony and said that, “After we transferred in Bankao, we drove till Kaeng Sien Intersection, and then the patient had a stroke. We called for help on the scene, and transferred the patient on to Pahon hospital, where she is now in the ICU emergency room, red section.”

As of today (October 7), the patient is still in serious condition.

4/10/2556 หน่วยกู้ชิพห้วยน้ำขาว 11 รับแจ้งประมาณ 12:30น. ว่ามีผู้ป่วยหายใจไม่สะดวกและประวัติโรคหัวใจ หมู่ 15 บ้านใต้ ต.บ้านเก่า อ.เมือง
ห้วยน้ำขาว 11 สนับสนุนผู้ป่วยด้วยออกซิเจน 5ม.ล.
รถพยาบาล 05 ว.4 ที่จุดถ่ายเท นำส่งผู้ป่วย ว.25 รพ.พหล ต่อ

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