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The Crossfire team was going on errands to the provincial city Kanchanaburi on June 19, when a car plowed into a motorbike not far from Kaeng Sian intersection. The two people on the motorbike had minor injuries, and did not want to go to the hospital. The young man driving the motorbike said that “Usually I don’t wear my helmet, but today I put it on for some odd reason.” He slid head first into the concrete curb, so it was definitely a life-saver he had his helmet on. Crossfire team member Anthony Quick gave him a brief lecture on helmet laws and helmet safety, and cleaned up the scrapes and scratches. The police had to be called as well, because the owner of the car was wanting to give a little money and get out of there. The police came and worked out a settlement, and then the team took the young man and his fiancé home, and his bike to the repair shop.