Crossfire Heroes Relief Fund

Here at CRI we have dedicated volunteers who give hours of their time just to scrape people off the road and take sick folks to the hospital. The most amazing part about them is that they will drop anything they are doing just as soon as a call comes in, and take off to help. Many of our volunteers are still in high-school or college, which means homework goes out the window when the siren turns on. The students who volunteer their time here at Crossfire are willing to drop everything just to help someone in need without anything in return besides a pile of overdue homework. So we thought we should do something to give them encouragement to keep going on. All of our student-volunteers are from working class families that subsist as day labourers. Studying in Thailand is not cheap, even at government schools, and many times students have to quit school, get a job, and support their parents and other siblings. We don't want that to happen to our young friends. So we've decided to make a sponsorship fund that will cover their school expenses and take a load off their families, and help our high-schoolers save up for college too. Many of them have dreams of becoming doctors or nurses, or of entering other various medical fields, and we plan on making those dreams come true. If you want to be an important part of these young people's lives and future, then do consider adding your donation to the Crossfire Heroes Relief fund. You can do that here, or you can donate individually to a separate fund per student. For detailed information about the circumstances and needs of these dedicated individuals, you're invited to take a look below. And we thank you so much for your support of ordinary people who turn into real-life heroes when duty calls, 24/7.


Panupong Khun Kham Jan aka "Goe"

Goe has been volunteering with Crossfire for over 2 years now, and lives on base. He loves to go out on rescue missions, and jumps right into the action, helping every step of the way. A dedicated student in the last year of high-school at Bankao Witaya School, he is looking to go to college with a high GPA for further studies in Japanese and English languages.

Family History

Goe comes from a Thai-Karen family who's native village is located in Mae Hong Son, Thailand. His parents plant rice the traditional way high up on mountain terraces before the rainy season, and harvest at the end of it. Goe helps his parents on summer break, and when it's time for school he comes back down to Kanchanaburi Province to study and help at CRI. He is currently sponsored by the CRI Heroes fund, and will be such till he finishes college. To support his near-future education, you can give directly to the CRI Heroes fund, or to a separate fund specifically for him here. A detailed cost analysis of Goe's expenses can be found here. Donations can also be made with PayPal to


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If you look closely at the photos in the blog section of Crossfire Relief, or at our official FaceBook page, you'll see these heroes in action. From the team at Crossfire, and all of our volunteers, a big "Thank-you!" for your continued support!