We were called to an auto accident by the police. Call says, vehicle is reported to be off the road, has rolled over, patient possibly still trapped inside. We respond with two vehicles and 7 FR’s. It takes us about 11 minutes to get to the area of the accident scene, as it is out the far end of a village to our south. Very curvy road. Upon arrival, we found a vehicle off the side of the road, but still right side up. Single patient, male, 56 yrs old. He was no longer in the vehicle, but laying in brush and knee-deep water (the edge of a pond.) One person was supporting his head, keeping it out of the water. Nathan took over spinal immobilization. The others brought a neck collar and backboard. The collar was put on with the patient remaining where we found him. Then we rolled him onto the backboard. We extracted him from the water and do a further examination at the truck. Only minor scrapes. Painful response in the upper leg and hip area on the left side. O2 94, HR 77, so not too bad. He was soaked in diesel fuel, and so was our backboard and our hands. (Minor detail.) Anyway, we transported and the hospital sent out an advanced level van from the city to meet us, as they had concerns about internal and spinal injuries. They attempted to start an IV and had trouble doing so. They finally took off for the hospital. All of our team members worked excellent together, each doing their part with precision and compassion.
We never know what a day will hold, or what we will actually find on arrival at a scene.

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