A call came in to the Crossfire Rescue team about 6:20AM to pick up an unconscious patient in Myanmar (Burma), about 20km from our base station here at Hedgeway Learning Center. We jumped in the ambulance and roared (80km/h) the 12km up the mountain to the border, and followed a pilot vehicle from the Italian-Thai construction company through the border in to Base 1, about 7km from the Thai border. However, that was as far as our two-wheel drive ambulance could go, and we waited for over an hour before a small four-wheel SUV came down the mountain with the unconscious man spread out awkwardly in between the seats. Abnormal breathing, completely unconscious, a history of heart troubles, high blood pressure, and diabetes – we loaded him into the ambulance after extracting him from the SUV and gave oxygen support on our 76km journey to Kanchanaburi Memorial Hospital. At the hospital we learned that he had a blood vessel erupt in the left lobe of the brain. Two days later we learned that he passed away at a large hospital in NakonPathom after being transferred from Kanchanaburi. After this call we now are cognizant of our need of some basic medical supplies:

High-range blood pressure cuff

Large suction bulb

Oxygen canulas

Glucose Gell

and a Four-Wheel drive Pick-up for an ambulance.

UPDATE October 1/2013:

We have been donated 1 oxygen canula; more of these and other medical supplies are still lacking.

เมื่อเช้าตอนเวลา 06:20น. รับแจ้งเหตุ ว.9 มีผู้หมดสติต้องกันความช่วยเหลือฝางพม่า หน่วยกู้ชีพCrossfireสากลข้ามเข้าไปในพม่าประมาณ 7ก.ม. ถึง อิตตาเลี่ยน-ไทย Base 1 รอรับผู้ป่วยที่กำลังลงมาจาก Base 3 ค้างใน 40ก.ม. ด้วยรถสี่หล่อ ผมก็ถ่ายเทนำส่งผู้ป่วยไปถึงที่ รพ Memorial กาญจนบุรี ด้วยความปลอดภัย
ผู้ป่วยยังหมดสติอยู่ เหตุเส้นเลือดแตกในสมอง ถ่ายเทไปที่ กทม.ต่อ