March 18, 2014


Around 2:15pm or so, a motorbike carrying two passengers collided head-on with a tapioca transport truck. The elderly couple driving the truck said they were in a hurry to go sell the tapioca so that they could pick up students from school. By the time bystanders called 1669, it was already past 2:30, and so we immediately responded along with Rescue Car #1, however RC1 got there first, and took both of the patients, so we waited for the arrival of the police chief, and directed traffic.

There was one seriously injured man, with heavy blood loss from deep wounds from below the abdominal area, and another man not so seriously injured, but with heavy bleeding. En route the first patient lost consciousness and was dead on arrival. The second patient survived. Both were heavily drunk, and both the motorbike and the truck were moving at over 80km per hour around a blind corner, cutting lanes. We were able to acquire photos of the patients from bystanders, who happened to come up just after the accident occurred.


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