Crossfire Relief International base station received a radio call from Pitakkarn Foundation (our co-partner) to pick up a patient in urgent condition. Pitakkarn Radioed it was a motorbike accident, and that the patient was in critical condition. Upon arrival, we found only the motorbike – no patient. Then a local O.S.M. volunteer pulled up and said that the patient’s family had already taken him. The driver missed a right-corner in front of the Ta Khian Ngam Temple, and plunged off the road into a large rock. The bike was unusable, and judging by the looks of it, the driver was probably not very well off either. We received word later that he died en-route. We are working on village education – when you see an accident, call an ambulance and wait for it, or it could cost someone their life. This unfortunately happens rather frequently.

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