We were just getting ready for dinner, when a call for help came in over the radio. There was a motorbike accident somewhere down past Dta-khian Ngam village, but not sure where. The call came from unit Payabaan Bangao 11, and he was asking for backup. So we drover the 20km down that way, and as we came around a corner and into a straight stretch of road, there were people with flashlights wildly waving, trying to get our attention. We stopped and then followed they and their motorbikes to the shacks of the injured. The first man, and only one as we thought, had a serious gash above over the forehead, and several other scrapes, together with neck and back pain. The other unit had past the place, and were now on their way back. So we finally loaded the patient in the ambulance, I noticed the other unit stopping on the other side of the field at another house. So we turned around and helped him access and load his patient, who had major internal injuries, neck and back pain, and a fractured hip, and then followed each other to Dan Makham Tia hospital, about 45km away.

We were back to our base by 10:00pm.

ค่ำคืนนี้ มีเหตุ ว.40 บาดเจ็บ 2 ราย จยย.ล้มเอง พื้นที่สีแดง วิ่งไป 40-50 กม. ไปถึงรพ.ด่านมะขามเตี้ย