March 5, 2014


On March 4, 2014, about 8:30 pm, one of our rescue members was assaulted by a drunk school principal from a local primary school, while traffic directing at the local high school. The principal was highly drunk, and wanted to park in area zoned no parking. The rescue volunteer, a young man of 14 years, kindly asked his principal to park inside the school, as in this area no parking was allowed. The principal got very angry at this and yelled at the young volunteer with very derogatory language, and spit all over the boy’s face and uniform, then drove inside the school. A few minutes later he came walking back with a glass wine-bottle in his hand, cursing and using every foul word in the alphabet, with intentions of harming the boy. Other rescue personnel who happened to be close by at that moment came to his aid, and restrained the principal from carrying out his intentions. The principal then left and went home, but over 25 rescue personnel, including the boy and one of our team members, went to the provincial police station in Kanchanaburi city after completing their duties, to file a report.

On March 5 many rescue volunteers assembled for a meeting at headquarters on what action should be taken, and plans were drawn up, and action filed against the principal. Banners were prepared with strong slogans against child abuse, and some of the more prominent ones stated such things as “The father of writing without ethics, what do you think you will teach the children?” “A principal with high IQ, but low EQ – the turpitude of Thailand!” “We don’t need drunk principals.” etc.

On March 17 over 80 officers, rescue personnel, and volunteers from all over the province, assembled at headquarters, and made a cavalcade of over 25 ambulances and rescue vehicles, and then proceeded on to protest at the provincial education office for restitution and dismissal of the said principal. Officials were obliged to speak with a representative of the principal, as he would not dare show his face on camera to all the news reporters.

After taking action and receiving an apology from the ED office, everyone went to the provincial office to speak with the Governor. By the end of the month, the principal was assigned to work in a different school in another province in Thailand.

A newscast will soon be released on the CRI youtube channel – stay tuned!


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