February 20, 2016 at 14:17

We received a call from villagers to pick up a lady who was unconscious. On arrival at the scene we found that the patient had drunk almost a full bottle of white wine, and was in a state of uncontrollable movements. We fastened her to the backboard as best we could, and transported her to the hospital, but all but one of our back-board straps snapped from her super-human strength. Our volunteers and the family members had quite the time restraining the patient, and on arrival were quite exhausted. After shots at the hospital, she was able to come home, and we transported her back to her house.

รับแจ้งหญิงขาดความสนใจดื่มเหล้าขาวเกือบเต็มขวด ใช้แรงมากจนสายรัดขาดหมดเว้นแต่เส้นเดี่ยว อาสาเหนือยมากจากการบังคับผู้ป่วยไม่ให้ขยับตัวไปทั่วๆ นำส่งรพ.พหลฯ และหลังจากได้รับการรักษาก็นำส่งกลับบ้านด้วย